Image of Land Of Pleasure/ Caress Your Soul Vinyl

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Land Of Pleasure/ Caress Your Soul Vinyl


Double vinyl of Land of Pleasure and Caress Your Soul

Land of Pleasure
1. Land of Pleasure
2. Feast Your Eyes
3. Just For Eyes
4. Rum Rage
5. Gold Snafu
6. Liquorlip Loaded Gun
7. Fake A Smile
8. Show No Shade
9. If You Go
10. Velvet Skies
11. Dreamland
12. Lazerhead

Caress Your Soul
1. How To Fly
2. Clouds & Cream
3. Australia Street
4. These Girls
5. Sex
6. Bootleg Rascal
7. Caress Your Soul
8. Laika
9. Freddy Crabs
10. Kiss The Breeze
11. Let It All Out